Purpose of this Procedure

Whistleblowing is also referred to as 'Confidential Reporting'.

Staff have the right and the responsibility to raise genuinely held concerns about abuses of power and trust by colleagues towards:

  • Children using our services;
  • Any other children;
  • Adult service users (i.e. Social Workers);
  • Other employees.

Any concerns that a colleague might or has been mistreating or abusing a child must always be reported see Referring Safeguarding Concerns Procedure.

This procedure is designed to ensure that other (non abusive) genuinely held concerns are raised and are effectively addressed.

The procedure will also apply to people involved in working with us though not employed by Children's Services (e.g. consultants, students on placement etc).

Any concerns about the actions or behaviour of such staff should be reported in accordance with using the procedure and the home's manager receiving the concern should pursue the matter with the employer or placing college of the person about whom concerns have been raised.

No one exercising their responsibilities under this procedure and in good faith will be penalised for doing so. Any attempt to victimise employees for raising genuine concerns or to prevent such concerns being raised will be regarded as a disciplinary matter.

Any attempt to abuse this procedure by maliciously raising unfounded allegations will also be regarded as a disciplinary matter.

The Whisteblowing Procedure does not:

  • Require employees to prove that their suspicions are well founded; nevertheless they should have reasonable grounds for their suspicions;
  • Replace the Grievance Procedure which is available to employees concerned about their own situation;
  • Replace the Disciplinary Procedure, although the Policy may lead on to disciplinary proceedings.

The procedure does require management to act quickly and appropriately where there are concerns about:

  • Children using our services;
  • Any other children;
  • Adult service users;
  • Other employees.